Machine Learning for Health

Course Project

Project Deadlines


Collaboration: We strongly prefer 3-4 registered student per group, but we do permit groups with fewer students. Doing something related to your research is fine, but your class project should be distinct and you should be able to isolate your contributions to the project from those of any collaborators outside of the class.


15% of project

Due Feb 14th at 5pm. Note the proposal should be at most 3 pages, one per group. Clearly state the following:

  • Problem you wish to tackle
  • Description of data you plan to use
  • Proposed approach and methods
  • Evaluation plan
  • Timeline
  • What each student in the group will do.

We understand that much of this would be preliminary at this stage, but these details are important for us to ensure that you are on the right track. Submit proposals on Markus.


15% of project

15 minutes in class on either March 28th or April 4th. Be prepared for questions after. Sign up here for your timeslot.


70% of project

Due April 11th at 11:59pm. Please submit your report on Markus. The requirements for the report are:

  • 8 pages (not including references)
  • TBD conference format
  • github repository